Virtual Media Marketing provides marketing, SEO, and web design services to business owners looking to increase their online exposure.



From setting up and maintaining email campaigns and automation to creating sales and product copy that converts, we are your #1 resource to help you turn visitors into paying customers.


We set the foundation and provide quality and relevant content that that is published regularly thus increasing your positioning in Google's search engine. 

Web design

Offering quality site designs with the technical components already implemented that not only draw in your visitors but set you up for success for site optimization.

Our approach to marketing


We have proven methods to increase your presence when people search online for business or products like yours. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web design, and Content creation are our specialties. As small business owners ourselves we realize that being in business is about enjoy your passion and having some money left in your pockets at the end of the day. That’s why we created cost effective solutions and offer packages that teach you how to take the reigns to do-it-yourself. We also offer monthly packages where we maintain your accounts. You can also cancel at any time with no penalties. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible



How can we help automotive shop?


We are business owners just like you. We can literally say, "Been there. Done that." 

Six years into our automotive performance business (and many trials by fire) we were perplexed at the lack of professional services catering to the automotive industry much less the automotive aftermarket. We found it extremely difficult to connect with someone outside of the automotive industry because they just “didn’t get it”.

It was then that we decided to start offering our knowledge and expertise to other small business owners. This was beginning of Virtual Media Marketing. Whether it’s helping you set up your shopping cart/ecommerce store or helping you with creating email campaigns, we are here to help you AND the best part is, we know the performance aftermarket!

It’s time to get back that work-life balance and let us do the “not so fun stuff” so you can focus on the things you know and love. We understand what it takes to run a business and we aren’t afraid to get our hands a little greasy!



What Are the Benefits of Shopify?


Shopify is dedicated to streamlining the e-commerce experience for both merchants and their customers, by offering a robust and easy-to-use platform that is constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.



The three cornerstones of SEO: Authority, Relevance, & Trust.


Search begins with the quest for authority on a topic. The search engine's main goal is to provide the best user experience. The best way to provide this is to find the most relevant information for the search-at-hand. The third pillar, trust, is related to the trust factor is on both on-page and off-page links thus, increasing one's search engine position. 


A business's online presence only grows more important each day.


In the digital age of today, the importance of a business's online presence continues to grow as each day passes. When a consumer is in search of a product or service, the first place they turn (after word of mouth) is to the internet. Not having a presence online can be detrimental to the success of a business. We offering quality site designs with the technical components already implemented that not only draw in your visitors but set you up for success for site optimization.




Amy has been a lifesaver for me. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she goes above and beyond to do more than I ever expected. To say that I’m happy to have found her is an understatement!
— Erin Wilson, owner of
Amy is awesome! Her ability to create content in a moments notice with only a handful of information given to her is incredible! Thank you so much for your help!
— Sarah Fletcher, Owner of
Amy spent time over the holidays to help get my eCommerce store up and running. Our Shopify page is easy to use and represents our businesses extremely well. Can’t thank her enough for what she did for us. Thanks Amy!!! Keep up the good work!
— Kevyn Kistner, owner of Money Shift Racing